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  • What Message Would You Share With Austin Right Now?

    With over 100 shows on hold through the pandemic, we have been utilizing our marquee to amplify messages of community, solidarity, and hope.

    This has allowed us to highlight essential workers, share timely and encouraging lyrics from local musicians, celebrate our city uniting to follow guidelines that keep others safe, feature local restaurants along with our digital film series, and—more recently—clearly stand with our Black employees, volunteers, students, patrons, and community members.

    Now, we’re giving you the platform. If you could share a message with your fellow Austinites right now, what would it be? We’ll choose one (or more) submissions to take live on our marquee next week!

    Your message can include:

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    Deadline to Submit: Fri, 6/12
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    We'll only use your name and email to contact you if your message is picked. Credit will be given by first name and last initial.