The Office : Paramount Theatre Austin

The Office

The Paramount Theatre presents

THE OFFICE! A Murder Mystery Parody

A Safe, Outdoor Walking Experience

April 6-25

This show is is an immersive experience! It starts at the State Theatre, but you will be walking short distances to find clues. Start times are staggered at 30-minute intervals.

There’s been a murder in Scranton! Dust off your detective hat and put on your gumshoes, because Michael needs help solving the case. Michael’s Murder Mystery Murder Tour is the most hilarious true crime walking tour on earth. In this unauthorized parody, socially distanced (and masked) groups of up to 35 will move through five walkable locations meeting some of your favorite characters along the way including Jim, Pam, Dwight, and others. Use your keen detective skills to find clues, catch red herrings, plant evidence, and lock up the Scranton Strangler.

Group Discounts are available:
10% off for groups of 10-19
20% off for groups of 20+

Fri, Apr 23 Sat, Apr 24 Sun, Apr 25