Support Historic Preservation


Support Historic Preservation

Preserving the 106-year-old Paramount and 86-year-old State Theatres means nonstop work for our Director of Facilities, Jonathan Humphrey, and his passionate team. Their diligent care not only keeps costs down and prevents extended closures, but also allows Jonathan to plan projects in advance that prevent irreparable damages BEFORE they happen.

Help Jonathan and our preservation team stay prepared while planning for a BIG 2022 project…“rebulbing” the Paramount blade. Originally scheduled for March 2020, the project was delayed due to the pandemic and the winter storm.

Your tax-deductible gift will help “rebulb” the Paramount blade. This process requires special equipment rentals to access the towering blade and includes:

  • removing and replacing all 1,400 lightbulbs
  • applying dielectric grease to each socket to prevent corrosion
  • cleaning the sign



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Your support is essential to completing these preservation projects. Thank you.

Please contact Krystal Parsons, Director of Development, at or 512-692-0515 for more details regarding your donation to preservation.