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Gary Anderson
Robert Edwin Anderson
Austin Ventures
Bank of America
Becky Beaver and John Duncan
Bill and Julianne Brackin
Dianne and Bob Brode
Joe DiQuinzio and Sue Littlefield
Impact Sales & Marketing
James K. Ferguson
Pamela and Bill Fielding
Maria and Sandy Fleschman
Pamela Friedman and Mitch Sundit
John and Lisa Gres
Gary Grossenbacher and Dr. Gabrielle Theriault
Sue Ellen Stavrand and John Harcourt
Dr. Andrea and Mr. Whit Hutson
Logan and Diane Jenkins
JP Morgan Chase Global Philanthropy
Dave and Ana Martin
Sean and Liz McDonald
Dan and Liz O’Dea
Connie and Samuel Pate
Janis and Joe Pinnelli
DK and Mike Reynolds
Amelia Simmons
The Speedwell Foundation
Wayne and Jo Ann Moore Charitable Foundation
Alice and Larry West
Whole Foods Market
Neile and Jan Wolfe

$2,500: PRODUCER

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Cynthia and Greg Abell
Derrick Amoriko / Massage Harmony
Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson
David and Monica Applewhite
Drs. James and Kay Baker
Robert Biard
Duane and Barbara Boyd
Terry and Suzanne Burgess
Jenny Carloye
David and Ansley Carruth
Kevin and Sue Cloud
John Cook and Betty Pearce
James Cornell
C. M. Davis and Paul Rogers
Jeri DeAngelis
Clifford Knowles and Margaret Denena
Doreen Dockweiler
Jason Dollgener
Patrick and Diane Emerson
Robert D. Ettinger
Jessica and Marc Evans
Marilyn T. Gaddis, Ph.D. and George Carruthers
Antonio Garza
Chad Goddard and Kathleen Ramlow
Wendy Griessen
Jon and Leah Harlig
Craig M. Helfrich
Brian Hencey and Chuck Ross
Bill Hoover
Vicki Roberts
Gerald and Karen Jacknow
David Johnson and Kathy Raesz
Aileen Krassner
Gerald Kucera
Karin McKinnel and Peter Leidel
George and Sandra Littlejohn
Kristen and Casey Low
Jenny and Erik Loza
Jodi and John Maley
Cynthia and Paul Marszal
Robert Martin
Elizabeth McTeer
Moody National Bank
Jim and Maria Moore
Barbara Morgan
The Pacey Family Foundation
Jeff and Alwyn Pinnow
Frances Ramsey
Joel and Laurel Reed
Gracie and Bob Renbarger
Charles and Kelle Rich
Jennifer Ritter and Kim Katner
G’Raj Mahal
Lonnie and Jenny Samford
Kent and Donna Scarbrough
Ken and Yvonne Shifrin
Amy Shipherd
Michael and Meg Smith
Cynthia Stein
Daryl and Kathy Swarts
Chris Thomas
Wade J. Utley and Cameron Pohlman
Sherri and Travis West
Laura Zappi

$1,000: DIRECTOR

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38th Street Pharmacy, Inc.
Libby and Sam Amato
Delores Baccus
Melissa Ball
Bart Ballard
James and Cindy Barnett
Carolyn Rice Bartlett Charitable Foundation
Lacy Hunt and J. K. Baxter Hunt
Rebecca and Charles Baxter
Jerry Bishop
Louis Black
Denis and Audrey Blake
Karen Blaney
Phillip Bookert
Gayle Braecklein
John Brandon
Michelle Brocklesby
Janice and Charles Brown
Reba Byrd and Charlie Sampley
Robert Cantu
Linda and Stan Carpenter
Chris Carter
Stefanie Cavanaugh
Louis E. Chaump, Jr.
Jane and Rick Chopp
Michael Cies
Cima Strategies, Ltd.
Erica Clark
Moton Crockett, Jr.
Janet Crowley
Colleen Crump and Maralyn Hare
Gayle Cullington
Sue and David Darrow
Joanne Debyah and William Lynn
Karen Delong
Jodi and Jonathan Denyszyn
Drs. Thomas McMinn and Parul Desai
Allison Dew
Mr. and Mrs. Dickey
Greg Dove
Paul and Laura Drummond
William Dvorak
Pam Elkins
Barbara Ellis and Alex McAlmon
Mark and Mary Anne Ernst
Whitney and John Falcon
Karen and Steve Farabee
Kery Farrell
Teresa and Edward Fox
Ryan Girton
Cynthia Glover and Dwight Williams
RGM Advisors, LLC
Lindsay Young
Jennifer and Jim Haley

Karen Hansen
Susan Hausmann and Dorsey Barger
Noah and Kyle Hawley
Charles Jenkins and Gay Heavilin
In Loving Memory of Angela Morrison
Tara Holleran
Kathleen Horgan and Howard Moore
Frank Horton
Lafitte Properties
Hotel San Jose
John Hurt
Patrick and Debra Hyde
Keiko Ichiye
Cecilia Camarillo and Joe James
Kenneth Jastrow
L’Aiglon Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program
Elliot Johnson and Lisa Chronister
Jeni and David Johnson
Margaret Kao
Jane and Dennis Kearns
Tina and Jon Kemmerer
Olgica and Steve Klindworth
Mark Konwerski
L’aiglon Foundation
Lu and Kevin Leede
Merrick and Justina Leler
Carolyn Lewis
George and Margaret Liebes
Mary Lorenz
Richard and Susan Marcus
School in the Hills
Amy McCaffrey
Dr. & Mrs. David Mehregan
Rene and Jay McCoy
Zack McGhee
Gretchen Miller and David Coie
Bonnie K. Mills
Lynn and Mary Moak
M.P. Mueller and George Gau
Chandra Muller and Bill Beckner
Jerry and Mary Alice Naiser
Tracey and David Nelson
Don and Meri Nelson
The Nemec Family
Jeffrey Neumann
David Newberger
Nona F. Niland, M.D.
Okay and Hillary Onan
Jo O’Neil and J. Moore
Krystal Parsons and Mason Scheer
Harrie Perkins
Joseph and Sara Poirier
Valerie and Mark Ponder

Premiere Events
Drs. Linda and James A. Prentice
Ronald Price
David and Dr. Theresa Pugh
Tom Pyle and Erin Vander Leest
Dr. Melinda Rainey and Mr. Joel White
Vincent & Tracy Rawl
Ernest Reyes and Matthew Petrone
Alyce J. Richardson
Wesley Ritchie
Christopher Robbins
Cheryl Roberts
Orion and Emily Robillard
Celeste Rodgers
Micki and Kimberly Roemer
Mike and Jessica Rosiles
Robert Rushing
Philip and Susie Ryals
Joanna Salinas
San Antonio Area Foundation
Joe Sanders
Robin Sanders
Dr. Kenneth and Elizabeth Sandoval
Tracey Silbert
David P. Smith and Peggy A. Murphy
David Smith
Renato Solis
Marc E. Spiegel
Ronda and Stuart Stahl
Tom and Chelsea Stanciu
Mark and Dashiell Stanford
Brandon Steinmann
Mary and Rusty Tally
Nancy and Bill Taute
Ingrid and James Taylor
Shawn Thuringer
Vincent Tjia
Dale and Roy Truitt
Retta B. Van Auken
Sean Vincent and Karen Delk
Lawrence and Erin Waks
38th Street Pharmacy
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Wendolyn Washington
Michele White and James Martin
Channing and Bill Wiese
K.C. and Theresa Williams
Ronald and Angelika Williams
Ann and Eric Wilson
Jay and Anne Winckler
Suzanne and Marc Winkelman
Anne and Peter Wood
Leanne Wrench
Dr. Rey Ximenes
Charles Yates
Michael Young
Ryan and Sheila Youngblood


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Jose and Liz Aguilar
Earl and Olivia Allen
Adam Anderson
Kimberly Arlinghaus
Andrew Baird
Shelly Baldwin
Randol Bass
Carla Yolanda Blackmon
Paige and Mark Blake
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bohuslav
Andrew Bowman
James and Shirley Brinkman
Paige Buechley
Amy Bush
Shelby Carr
David and Olivia Brook Chambers
Gregg Charalambous
Paul Cockreham
David Cody
Tracy Coffin
Dianna and Jeremy Coleman
Molly Collie
Jacqueline Collins
John and Stacey Conley
David Cook
Terry and Wayne Cook
Kimberly Corley
John Cox
Kelly Crook
Sammi and Justin Curless
Steve Davis
Tony Davis
Valerie and Erik Debill
John and Pamela Dial
Charles Dickey
Ross Doan
Ben Dodson, Jr.
Michael Donegan
Kathy and Bill Dumas
Michael Duncan and Martha Beard-Duncan
David Dunn
Lawson and Michelle Ellinor
Constance and Rex Esau
Carolyn and Jim Estes
Maydelle and Sam Fason
Rod and Meg Favaron
Jaelene Fayhee and Jeff Smith
Frederick and Marcia Fox
Samuel Francis
Friedel Family Foundation by Lynne & Steve Gellman
James Fuchs
Maria Garrett
Friedel Family Foundation by Lynne & Steve Gellman
Thomas and Karen Gentry
Danny and Surrenden Gillespie
Clay Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Goodman
Jon and Carol Gormin
Michael Hall
Marty and Toni Vance Halseth
Clint Harbour
Michael G. Harkins
Trevor and Davis Harper
Todd Hasie
Jessica Haskins-Cummings and Scott Cummings
Heyman and Associates
James Hillhouse
Michelle Hope
Kerry L. Hotchkiss
Mark Howard
Mary Riggs and Michael Hull
Martha Iglehart
Atlassian Inc.
Alvaro and Sarah Iragorri
Steve and Kathleen Jennings
Dino and Leslie Jobe
Drew and Cynthia Johnson
Keith and Cheryl Johnston
Tim Kelly
Dianne Jones Kline
The Kodosky Foundation
Serenity Wig Spa
Kim Lasserre
Mr. Levenberg and Ms. Parr
Chris and Anna Lewallen
Sue and Larry Lewellyn
Raul Liendo
Tonia Lucio
Erika Lueker-Tarango
John Lynch
Richard Maier
Marianne and Joseph Malina
Andrew Marcum
Deborah Martin
Jane and Daniel Matheson
April McCormack
Brian Mccormick
Alyson McGee
John McGill and Ann Hartley
Alex Meagher
Marcus Merrell and Kristin Meredith
Carol Merry
Matt Meyers
Judy and Royce Mitchell
Charles and Kirsten Moody
David Moore
Rachel Muennink
Julie Nelson and Paul Gaither
Karen Nevelow
Gary Newsom
Desmond Ng and\\ Donald S. Mason Jr.
Bryan Noteboom
Kevin Nothnagel
David and Debbie Olander
John and Janea Pabst
Ron and Betty Patterson
Elizabeth and Jon Phelan
Christine Plonsky
AJ Polhill
William Portales
Jared Price
Peyton and Cathy Prince
John and Mary Pullen
Nancy Radding
Stephen Ray and Sahar Arafat-Ray
Rhett Reed
Susan Renshaw
John Resch
Jimmy Roberts-Miller
Jennifer Rouse
Atticus, Casey, and Locke Rowe
Susan and Bill Rutherford
Sandy and Malinn Saxe
Nancy Scanlan
Ron and Katie Schatzlein
Jane Scroggs
Ronald Shapiro
Sarah Sharp
Constance Shea and William Bennett
Dina Shoults
Laura and Bob Slagle
Skip Smith
Deborah Sours
Donya and Randall Stockton
William and Joan Talley
Michelle Thomas
Stephen and Linda Truesdell
James Tucker
Umbel Corp.
Michelle Vandyke
Carissa Vermillion
Amy Villarreal
Lacey Warren
Justin West
Dr. Ann Riopel White
Sharon and Michael Wichterich
Deborah Wiley
Betty and James Wilson
Preston Wong
Steven Young
David and Jordan Yu


See More
Sherron Abernethy
Michael and Patricia Abkowitz
David Albert
Olaf Alexander and Pegah Tavakkol
Stacy and Doug Alexander
Ramesh Allada
Sara Allard
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
Darold and Jennifer Anderson
Bill and Linda Andrews
Dr. Tomas Antonini and Dr. Saima Jehangir
Stacey and Mark Archer
Denise Armstrong and Joanna Davis
Rebecca Austen and Stacy Holt
Debra Austin
John Austin
Edgar and Maria Bacares
Steve Barber
Dolly and John Barclay
Alan Barron
Jason Baxter
Coleen Beck
Nancy Bedingfield
Cindy Behling
Bryant Bell
Joshua Bell
Christopher Bennett
Gina Benzonelli
David Bessenohffer
Andrea and Mike Bhatt
The Pearl “Vintage Boutique Hotel Downtown Est 1995”
Maria and Daniel Bleier
Paula and Bob Boldt
Colleen Bonney and Karen Russell
Steven Boren
Boulette & Golden LLP
Greg Bowers
JoAnna Brand
Rachel Breedlove
Mike Breitkreutz
John Brelsford
Richard Brimer
Adam Brodkin
Bill and Janet Broussard
Melissa Brown
Pam and Jeff Brown
J.S. and Beth Brudner
Karl and Jan Buesing
Sean Bukowski
Jessica Bullock
Ken and Tracy Burger
Janet Burner
Debbie and F. Kell Cahoon
Michele May
John and Kelli Carlton
Judith and John Carney
Charles and Judy Carr
Cary Designs
Faye Chandler
Michael Chaney and Michael Taylor
David Chapman
Michelle Cheney
Mike Chesser
Ron Cimarosti
Kristen Clark and Chris Long
Whitney Clark, 787 Realty
Evangeline Café
Stephen T. Cochran
Ryan Connell
Jon Conrad
George Corrigan
Jeffrey Cox
Lynn Cox
Greg Crouch
Beth and William Crowley
Michael Alexander Cummins
James and Jan Davis
Melissa Dawkins, Realtor
William De Lauro
Steven and Marci Dell
Craig Didier
Pam Dixon
Holly Driggers
Barbara Driscoll
Sinead Duffy
Terri Obermiller
Michael and Deborah Edmonds
Merida Elizondo
Kristina Elliott
Luther Elmore
Chris Elms
Amy Emerson
The Englerts
Travis Escoffery
Amy Estes and Tobin Scroggins
Carol Faget, M.D.
Laura Farley
Maryellen Farrar
Robert Feiner
Michael Ferreboeuf
John Finkelstine and Ruth Estes
Connor and Jessica Finnigan
Lisa Flynn
Rick Fonte
Barbara Formichelli
Barbara Forssell
Dr. Donald Fox
Henry Frankenberg
Melyssa Fratkin
Jim and Leslie Gammage
William Gammon
Kathryn Garner
Robert Garza
The Delphi Groupe, Inc. – “The Green Team”
Dale and Joey Gerner
The Gilbert Family
Samantha and Dan Gladwell
Brian and Shawn Gleason
Eric Goff
Jes Golka
Mirna Gonzalez and Brad Bowman
Kaushal Goradia
Tana Gordon
Kathy Goss
Sam Goushe
Sam Graham
Ray and Leah Greenberg
Jeffrey Greening
Jacob Grob
Mike Groener
Ms. Guzman
Gregory Hahn
Amber Shantel Hales
Julie Hall
Mali C. Hanna
John Hansen and Kevin Standifer
Don Hanson
Rene Harbison
Jay Hargrave
Linda B. Harrell
Walter Harrell and Cheryl Brownstein
Rod Harter
Stephanie E. Hartley
Kenneth Harvey
Richard Hayden
Scott and Jodi Hayes
Donna Heckle and Jack Brickey
Charles Heimsarth
Scott Helbing
James Henkel
Chaprece Henry
Paul Henry
Scott Herlihy
Helen and Matthew Hernandez
Mary Elizabeth Herring
Nathan and Lisa Hess
Donna Hiddemen
Robert and Frances Hieronymus
Frank Higgerson
Bettie and Doyle High
Hadley Hill
Randy and Shirley Hill
Misty Hillin
Kelly and Dean Hines
Debbie Hiott
Nathan Hoin
Mark and Beki Holguin
Jeff Holland and Deidra Holland
Kathryn Holleman
Chuck Hood
Timothy Hopkins
Tim Horan Jr.
Casey Horny
Corey Horton
Robert Howard
Stephen W. Howard
Jennifer Hughes
Robert and Shirley Huston
Bruce Hyatt
Mary Jacobson
Tommy Jacoby
Susan Jaeschke
Nicki and Ray James
Peter James
Ken Jefferies
Charlotte Jernigan
Craig Johnson
Charla Jones
Carol and David Jones
Steve Jones
Maica and John Jordan
Theodore Kalomiris
Stephen Kelly
Mary Jo Kennard
Laura and Nathan Kennedy
Daniel King
Jessi King-Trudeau and Jim Trudeau
Valerie Kirk
Paul and Alanna Knaus
Amy Knight Austin Remodel and Repair
Mark Koelsch
Debra Korty
Lisa Kramer
Sylvia Krzmarzick
Christopher Kunze
Karen and Francis Lamphier
Ann Lancaster
Catherine Landoll
Brianna Landry
John Lauer and John Heim
Linda Lauret
Mary Laviolette
Mark Leach
Sarah and Chris Ledenbach
Kendall and Richard Levy
Lisa and Erik Lindqvist
Dr. Harvey Lisch
Julie Littlefield
Laurie Logue
David Lueck
Michael and Susie Lynch
Viridian Art Studio
Robyn Malloy
Robert Maranto
Sydna and Adam Marshall
Rusty Martin
Adrien Mason
Henri Mazza
Adonia McFarland
John and Jennifer McGrath
Angela McKnight and Steve Watson
Marsha McNeese
Sean Mcnelis
Linda M. McWhorter
The MDR Collective, LLC
Nagavalli Medicharla
Jeff Meisenhelder
Jason and Dawn Melear
Stephen Mercer and James Loftus
Malcolm and Valerie Milburn
Mary Miller
Martin and Marika Milliken
Scott and Brenda Mitchell
Jennifer and Jonathan Mohn
Annie Molina
Melissa Moloney and Chris Walk
George Montgomery
Buddy Moore
Jonathan and Leslie Moore
Lisa Moore
Tracie Moore
Cynthia A. Morales
Morgan Stanley & Co.
Kathryn Moritz
Paige Motes
Rick Mourglia
Marlin Myers
Reuel and Liz Nash
Austin and Kheili Nelsen
Tyler Neufeld
Del and Charn Nichols
Eric Nichols
The Nicolas Family
Elle Nicole
Jeff Niemeyer
Michelle Niemietz
Ruth and R.J. Nitsche
Kendra and Pat Norman
Devon Norvell
Judy O’Brien Chavis
Randall Odom
Jason Oliver
John and Marisa Olsson
Casey O’Neal and Cole Reed
Mr. Casey O’neal
Stephanie Ortiz
Michael Osegueda
Rod Paddock
Patti and Farris Parson
James Patterson
Robert J. Patterson
Barbara and Carl Paul
Cameron Pawelek
Brittany Paxman
Shaina Payne
Annette Pearson
Dr. Edward and Sheila Anne Peters
Scott and Linnie Phebus
James Phillips
Mary Jane Philpy-Dollins
Tracy Pichard
Chantal and Chris Pittman
Beth and Bryan Plater
Renee Powell
William and Carolyn Powell
Scott and Katharine Powers
Jean Pressly
Ms. Jennifer Pugh
Evan Quenon and Liz Day
Randalls Food Markets
Ryan Anthony Reyna
Jennifer Rhoads
Virginia Riley
Jason Rivers
Jules Robertson
Cynthia Roden
Terri Rodriguez
James Rogers
Valerie Rogers
Ginger Ross
Tammy Ross
Karen Rove
Charlotte Rowell
Ellen Rozman
Ana and Alejandro Ruelas
Kathryn Runnells
Charles C. Sackett
Elise Saenz
Jonathan Saenz
Debbie Sanders
Timothy Sapp and Alissa Breindel
M Catherine Sargent
James Luke Savisky
Sharon Schindler
Harold and Jan Schneider
Mo Scollan
Michael Scully and Doreen Lorenzo
Robyn and Michael Shapiro
Robert and Merry Shaver
Norma Sherman
Ms. Emily E. Siegel
Carl and Gail Simmons
Chad Smith
Dennis and Katherine Smith
Emanuel Smith
Kady Smith
Linda Smith
Stephanie Smith
Steven Smith
Kenneth Snell
Kristy Sprott
Gregory Squires
Henry Steen
Gary Steinmetz
Brian Stephenson
Patrick and Karin Stevens
Margaret Stevenson
Stinson Moyle PLLC
Sheila Stricker
Andy Sultenfuss
Amber Taylor
Hannah Temple
Terminal B, LLC
Cathy and Dwight Thompson
Sandra Thornhill
Edwin and Audrey Tinsley
Virginia Tippit
Mark Tolley
JoAnn Torrez
Rita Tsai
Hannah Tucker
Stewart and Stephanie Vanderwilt
Anand and Amanda Venkatrao
Susan Johnson
Clyde Von Rosenberg
Gary and Ruth Wachs
Eric and Phyllis Waelder
Anna Prusaitis Ybarra
Melissa Wagner
Mary Walcutt
Kirk Walden
Geoff Walker
Tina and Barry Walker
R. Walters
Alvin Wang
James Ward
Michael M. Ward and Mai X. Duong
The Law Office of Jessica M. Warren
Carol and David Waters
Cindy Weidemann
Morris and Lauren Weiss
Rom Welborn
Carol Welder
Chrissie Welty
Mitch Weynand
Grant Harrison White
James Whitten
Bette Williams
Gethrel Williams
Kathe Williams
Laura Wisdom and Thomas Durnin
Mark Wisniewski
Lauren Wuest
Michael and Jessica Wyatt
Denny Sue Young
Paul Edward Zucknick
Caren Zysk

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