Podcast But Outside : Paramount Theatre Austin

Podcast But Outside

Club Series Event

Podcast But Outside is the world’s premiere outdoor podcast, interviewing such esteemed guests as Jon Hamm, Adam Scott, Nick Kroll, and a random girl named Sara over its celebrated four-year run. Hosts Cole Hersch and Andrew Michaan get random strangers on the street to share intimate details about their personal livesd with the show’s dedicated fanbase. They also have a crazy and unpredictable live show that’s more exciting than any other indoor event has ever been.

Will they interview you? Will they bring in some random people off the street? Yeah, they’ll probably do all of that. It’s a fascinating and often hilarious look at the complexities of the human condition. You don’t need to know anything about this podcast or the world in general to enjoy the show, it’s a very exciting and perfect event for everyone, come find out why!