BriTANicK : Paramount Theatre Austin


Club Series Event

Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher are very serious about making silly videos. They only make them when they have a good idea. It’s a terrible business model.

Together, they have acted in How I Met Your Mother, Balls Out, Searching For Sonny, and Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing. They wrote for the FOX TV show The Goodwin Games, made a pilot for Comedy Central, and wrote a time travel movie for Lionsgate. Their short film Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses screened in the 2010 Slamdance and SXSW film festivals. They were the voices of Cartoon Network for 6 years.

They are currently writing for Saturday Night Live and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
BriTANicK is the name they decided to perform under 6 years ago and now it’s too late to change it.