The Paramount Theatre

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2018 Moontower Schedule

Headliner Events

  • Happen at the Paramount and Stateside Theatres.
  • Require a single ticket for entry.
  • Star and Warrior Badge holders will receive their tickets with their badge. These badges are sold out. Single tickets are available for headliner events.

Satellite Events

Badge & Wristband Pickup

Pick up your badge or wristband at the Stateside Theatre (719 Congress Ave). Pickup times:

  • Tuesday, Noon-7:00pm
  • Wednesday, Noon-7:00pm
  • Thursday, Noon-9:00pm
  • Friday, Noon-9:00pm
  • Saturday, Noon-9:00pm


PDF Schedule


Lineups are subject to change. Artists are not listed in order of appearance.

Paramount Theatre