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Ron became known when he started the Ron Bennington’s Comedy Scene. He then met Ron Diaz who helped get his club radio exposure. The two then went to create the morning program “The Ron and Ron Show’ which was part of 95YNF, and had high ratings which increased their popularity significantly. The duo then partnered with Ross Reback and they formed “The Ron & Ron Radio Show” which became syndicated and went on to run for WYNF until 1993, continuing its run in Florida until 1997.

After the end of “The Ron and Ron Show”, Bennington partnered with Fez Whatley to create “The Ron and Fez Show”, which started broadcasting in several cities before settling in New York City’s WNEW-FM, running from 2000 to 2003 when the station decided to end the talk show format. They then moved to WJFK-FM in Washington D.C. and aired for another two years, after which they moved to XM Satellite Radio in New York, also establishing a website, numerous programs and even collaborative shows. “The Ron and Fez Show” would continue to run for a decade before Whatley announced his retirement in 2015. Around this time, Ron established the show “Bennington”, and co-hosts it with his daughter Gail, airing five days a week. He also has another show entitled “Ron Bennington Interviews” as well as “GPS” which airs on SXM’s Deep Tracks.

One of Ron’s amazing  successful solo venture he has is called “Unmasked”, on which he interviews comedy legends and talents.  With over 150 Unmasked taped to date, he has spoken to some of the biggest names from Joan Rivers to Jim Gaffigan and many more.

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