Moontower FAQs

Moontower FAQs

What’s the deal with the 9th Moontower Comedy Festival?

The 9th annual Moontower Comedy Festival was originally scheduled for April 22-25, 2020, but COVID-19 changed that. As the initial reschedule to September 16-19, 2020 approached, it turned out the world was still a complete dumpster fire. 🗑️ 🔥

In order to avoid cancellation and keep a version of Year 9 when the world needs comedy more than ever, we transformed the 4-day festival into 3 WEEKENDS in spring 2021: April 16-17, May 15-16, and June 25-26, featuring Paramount and Stateside headliners.

What does that mean for Moontower 10?

We’re keeping the 10th festival in 2021, as it should be! We’ll return to the classic fest experience in September to celebrate 10 years of Moontower Comedy! Save the dates: September 22-25, 2021.

Will the festival ever return to April?

Yes, we plan to return to April dates for the 11th annual Moontower Comedy Festival in April 2022.

I have a badge for Moontower 9. Now what?

You’ve got options. We know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all badgeholders, so you can keep your badge and RSVP to the 3 weekends of shows based on your badge type listed below, transfer your badge to Moontower 10 (Sept 22-25, 2021) at the locked-in Moontower 9 rate, receive a full refund, or donate your purchase back to help protect the 105-year-old nonprofit Paramount Theatre (who produces the Moontower Comedy Festival) if you are able. 

Didn’t receive the email and form with badge options? Please call the Paramount Box Office at 512-472-5470 or email to let us know what you’d like to do with your Moontower 9 badge.

Decided to hold onto your Moontower 9 Badge? Right on! We can’t wait to see you. Your badge type entitles you to the following ticketing options PLUS access to Moontower parties each weekend of the new Moontower 9 fest. Didn’t receive your RSVP form? Please call the Paramount Box office at 512-472-5470.

I have headliner single tickets for the rescheduled dates in September 2020. What do I do?

Hang onto your tickets for now, and keep an eye on your inbox for individual show emails that will include specific show updates and your ticketing options.

When will I receive my badge(s)?

All badge holders who keep their badges for the new Moontower 9 weekends will be emailed badge pick up instructions prior to the first weekend of shows.

What about age restrictions? Can underage patrons get into shows?

The Paramount and Stateside Theatres are all ages venues. Please note that some acts may contain mature content.

What time do doors open for performances?

If you’re attending the first show of the night at the Paramount or Stateside Theatres, doors will open one hour before showtime. We recommend getting there early and enjoying a drink. After that, typically doors will open 30 minutes prior to showtime.

Where should I stay?

We recommend Aloft Downtown, or book your stay through Top Trip Rentals, smack in the middle of our festival venues, featuring hip downtown lofts and studios, as well as spacious condo and apartment rentals.

Can I upgrade my badge?

Email for inquiries regarding upgrading your badge. As long as the other levels are not sold out, we should be able to accommodate.

Where do I submit materials to be considered as a performer at the festival?

Thank you for your interest in Moontower! Unfortunately, we do not take unsolicited requests for submissions.


For press interested in attending and covering the festival, please fill out the Press Credential Application Form. If you have additional questions, please contact William Mills at Giant Noise at

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