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Moontower FAQs


Moontower FAQs

Which badge is right for me?

As the fest grows each year, we strive to find the balance between simplicity and badge holder freedom to catch the shows YOU want to see. Here’s the quick rundown on the options for Moontower 2019:

See all the badge details and purchase badges.

What is a Satellite Event?

Any show at a Satellite Venue is considered a Satellite Event, which means every Moontower event except for headliner shows at the Paramount and Stateside Theatres. All badge types are welcome at Satellite Events, so all you have to do is hop in the correct badge line prior to the Satellite Show of your choice!

When will tickets to Headliners go on sale?

Single tickets to the first group headliner events are on sale now. This includes David Spade, Jenny Slate, and Sal Vulcano & Friends.
The remaining headliners will go on sale Friday, February 22.

When will the rest of the lineup be announced?

More satellite performers, podcasts, and special events, will be announced in the coming weeks. Relive the amazing lineups from previous years at our archive page.

What about age restrictions? Can underage patrons get into shows?

There is no age restriction on the festival as a whole and minors can purchase badges or single tickets to the Paramount shows. However, some of our Moontower venues are 18+ and, due to their liquor licensing/permit, are not able to let in underage patrons regardless of the event.

When/how will I receive my badge(s) or wristbands?

You will receive instructions and a schedule for badge pickup a week prior to the festival. Badges will not be mailed.

Are badges refundable?

All sales are final. There are no refunds on badges for any reason.

Can I upgrade my badge?

Email for inquiries regarding upgrading your badge. As long as the other levels are not sold out, we should be able to accommodate.

What time do doors open for performances?

If you’re attending the first show of the night at the Paramount or Stateside Theatres, doors will open one hour before showtime. We recommend getting there early and enjoying a drink. After that, typically doors will open 30 minutes prior to showtime. Other venues will open doors 30 minutes prior to showtime for all shows. These are rules of thumb only and actual times may vary by venue depending on size.

Where do I submit materials to be considered as a performer at the festival?

Thank for your interest in Moontower! Unfortunately, we do not take unsolicited requests for submissions.

How do I volunteer?

Register here to join our volunteer team! Want to learn more about our volunteer opportunities? Check out our Volunteer Information and Registration page to get all the details.


For press interested in attending and covering the festival, please fill out the Press Credential Application Form. If you have additional questions, please contact William Mills at Giant Noise at

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