Moontower 2020 Badgeholder Form : Paramount Theatre Austin

Moontower 2020 Badgeholder Form

  • Unfortunately, the world still isn’t in a place for us to safely put on sold out comedy shows where we all laugh in each others’ faces. Instead of holding onto your money while spring shows continue to shuffle around, we’ve decided to give you some options for your Moontower 9 badge.

    You can easily transfer your badge to the 10th Moontower Comedy Fest in September 2021 (at locked-in Moontower 9 prices), donate your purchase back to help protect the 105-year-old nonprofit Paramount Theatre who produces the fest, or receive a full refund.

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  • Can be found in the confirmation email. This is optional, but helps us connect you to your badge purchase quickly.
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  • Did you purchase multiple badges, but have different requests for each badge? Let us know!