Moontower 2020-2021 Warrior Reschedule Form

  • The 9th Moontower Comedy Festival has gone from 4 days in 2020 to 3 weekends in 2021.

    You still get to catch all five Paramount headliners from the “Warrior Zone” in the balcony of the Paramount Theatre, plus party access each weekend! As a Warrior badge holder, you’ll receive a ticket to the following shows:

    • Saturday, April 17 at 7pm - Nikki Glaser
    • Saturday, May 15 at 7pm - Ronny Chieng
    • Sunday, May 16 at 10pm - Middleditch & Schwartz
    • Friday, June 25 at 7pm - Nick Kroll
    • Saturday, June 26 at 7pm - Andrew Schulz

    If the dates don’t work for you, you can easily transfer your badge to the 10th Moontower Comedy Fest in September 2021 (at locked-in Moontower 9 prices as an added bonus), donate your purchase back to help protect the 105-year-old nonprofit Paramount Theatre who produces the fest, or receive a full refund.

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