Literacy to Life

Literacy to Life/Story Wranglers

Literacy to Life/Story Wranglers

Paramount Summer Writing Roundup

The Paramount Story Wranglers want your stories! Each Monday, Mr. Mitch will present a theme. Then you’ll write a story on that theme using the Story Wrangler steps of writing, and submit it here by Thursday at 6pm. One lucky story will be chosen and transformed from page to stage in an original digital Story Wrangler performance that will debut the next week! Watch the video to learn more and hear about this week’s theme. See the video archive from our spring Live Lessons series!


If you are able, please consider making a charitable donation to help protect Paramount Education programs during these times.


Agness of Torrent Island + Theme Reveal for Week 10

Mushy and the Queen + Theme Reveal for Week 9

Another Dimension + Theme Reveal for Week 8

Literacy to Life Program Overview

Imagine the feeling of seeing the story YOU wrote performed on stage in front of your whole school, and the sheer excitement of hearing the audience cheering you on…

Literacy to Life is a seven-week in-school residency in which third graders learn the foundations of creative writing through arts-integrated lessons designed to motivate students and improve their writing skills, confidence, creativity, and storytelling.

During the residency, each classroom writes hundreds of stories as a class, in small groups, and in individual journals. At the end of the seven weeks, professional actors known as the Paramount Story Wranglers transform students’ original stories from page to stage in a live performance for the entire campus!

Literacy to Life

Impact of the Program

100% of teachers surveyed perceived that Story Wranglers had a significant positive impact on their students in regards to writing, social emotional learning, and the arts.
98% of students report they are proud of their writing.
89% of students exhibit improved knowledge of vocabulary and writing skills.
Literacy to Life students tested better than 59% of students who did not receive the curriculum in terms of creativity.
Title 1 Literacy to Life students closed the achievement gap on creativity and writing measures with respect to non-Title 1 students.

2019-2020 School Year By the Numbers

17 Schools

Served (20% of AISD Elementaries)

940 Students


3,900+ Original Stories


208 Stories

Performed (76 of which were digital)

7,000+ Attendees

Enjoyed Story Wranglers Live Shows

400 Hours


50 Artists

(Actors and Teachers) Employed

100 Original Songs


Plus countless step-touches, shoulder shimmies, and cardboard props!

More Info

Interested in bringing the program to your campus? Or interested in becoming a Story Wrangler yourself? Contact Mitch Harris, Literacy to Life Program Director, at:

Support the Program

Bring Literacy to Life to more third grade classrooms in Austin and Round Rock! Contact Krystal Parsons, Director of Development, at or 512-692-0515.


The reviews are in, and both teachers and students agree that Literacy to Life and the Paramount Story Wranglers are a hit!

The Paramount Story Wranglers
“The Story Wranglers’ support of education and providing fun and educational opportunities for kids is truly unrivaled.”
–Participating Teacher
“That was simply incredible! I don’t know how you pulled that off, but it was incredible. I kept scrolling through the faces, and the students were so excited as their stories came to life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
–Participating Teacher
“I actually got to show the stories I made. It felt like a miracle.”
–Participating Student
“Story Wranglers makes our school a better place because it gives everyone in third grade, everyone who has been in third grade, it gives them a chance to write, and it gives others a chance to see our stories. I think it’s to encourage kids to write stories. Even the kinders, and probably even the Pre-K’s.” –Participating Student
“My favorite part was we said ‘and this is our story,’ because then people would see me. They were cheering me on, because that’s how you show respect.” –Participating Student


The Presidential Love Story

by five 3rd graders at Bryker Woods Elementary

Once upon a time, Albert Einstein was in love with the Statue of Liberty and was super intelligent. He wanted to marry her because she had the hottest torch. But she was already in love with Richard Nixon because he was president so he had so much money. Then, Einstein shoved Nixon into the water when he was kissing her torch because he was jealous. And ever since that day, Albert Einstein married the Statue of Liberty and they had four kids whose faces became the four faces on Mount Rushmore. The End.


Mr. Drake’s Voyage for a Voice

by 3rd graders at Highland Park Elementary

Once upon a time there was an iguana named Mr. Drake that lived in a fluffy stinky sock house next to Alexander Hamilton’s mansion because he couldn’t sing and you need to sing well to buy a nice house. Singing is a form of currency. Mr. Drake wants to meet Alexander Hamilton AND Eliza Hamilton, because he wants to learn how to project his voice and move his vocal cords. He can only sing like, “EEhhhhhhhhhhaahaahahh.” But the door to Alexander Hamilton’s house is locked. Then he sprints into the woods and finds a raccoon who teaches him how to sing opera. He returns and sings in front of Alexander Hamilton’s front door and teaches Alexander and Eliza how to sing opera. And ever since that day he became the director of every play. Mr. Drake becomes famous for playing Shakespeare in the Hamilton musical. The End.


Booknado Rules the World

by 3rd graders at Pecan Springs Elementary

Once upon a time there was a football field in a library and Jordan and Odell were playing football when a book fell and started a booknado. It sucked them in, but Jordan gripped onto an empty shelf. Odell held on to Jordan’s hand, but slipped and fell into the booknado. Booknado wanted books to make a bigger booknado to be stronger. But booknado keeps accidentally shooting its books out and making tiny booknadoes. Then it grows sharp teeth with book pages and starts chomping books. And ever since that day, booknado got way too giant and started eating books all over the world. It felt like it could rule all the books in the world. And when it hits buildings, the buildings fall. The End.


Fondue the Dancing Banana

by 3rd graders at Pease Elementary

Once upon a time, Fondue the Dancing Banana was invited to the wedding of his best friends, Mrs. Cocopants the chocolate cheeto and Billy the Toasted Marshmallow. He wanted to wear a leotard and dance for them at the wedding because he couldn’t afford a gift. But he broke his leg breakdancing in a dance competition the day before. Then he performed his ballet dance with a broken leg on one foot. It was horribly ugly. People booed. And ever since that day, he decided to only do the floss because it was the safest dance. He was now known as Fondue the Flossing Banana. The End.


Mr. Miguel Goes to Chilli Cheese House

by four 3rd graders at Govalle Elementary

Once upon a time, Mr. Miguel was going to buy chips at the store called “Chilli Cheese House.” He needed chili and cheese for his chips, but he didn’t have any money. Then his friends Nachilla and CheeseMan gave him money because they wanted him to bring a snack for their Super Bowl Party. And ever since that day, he mixed the ingredients together and said, “It’s a dip AND a chip! Let’s call it nachos!” and he poured the dip on top of the chips. The friends celebrated with nachos at the Super Bowl Party. The End.