Austin Theatre Alliance Gala Gift-In-Kind Form

Paramount Gala | October 30, 2021 | Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Preservation Hall Jazz Band

2021 Paramount Gala Donation Form

  • Donor Information

  • As it should appear on receipt and in print
  • (For organization/company)
  • Item Information

    The Austin Theatre Alliance, the Paramount and State Theatres, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID #74-2975922. Per IRS regulations, any item you value over $500 requires IRS form 8283; any item you value over $5,000 requires Form 8283 and a written appraisal. Should you have any questions on the above, please refer to www.irs.govand consult your tax adviser.
  • Please describe the item or service fully. Please be as descriptive as possible, including specifying color, size, material, time available, or other requirements.
  • The "estimated fair market value" is the value of the item according to the donor.
  • Please let us know any additional information about your gift-in-kind donation, including any pick up instructions.


Auction donors will be recognized in the following ways for their donations to the 2021 Paramount & Stateside Theatre’s Anniversary Gala:
• Listing of all auction donors in the Gala program that is distributed to 800 attendees that night
• Special mention in the post gala email that goes out to over 150,000 registered users


If the donation falls within ranges listed below, we will add information on our website:
$100 – $499 Donations Special listing on the website for a full season.
$500 – $999 Donations Special listing with live link to donor’s website for a full season.
$1,000 & Up Donations Special listing with Company Logo live link to donor’s website for a full season.


Please be our special guest at a 2022 Summer Classic Film. Films run throughout the summer, and the complete schedule will be available in May 2022 at Your film passes will be emailed to you (at the email noted on donation form) in May 2022.


Do auction donors receive tickets to the Gala?
We are very limited on seating for this event and no free tickets are provided.

May I find out how much my item sold for after the event?
We are grateful to have so many donors for this event that it would be logistically too difficult to provide that information to everyone.

May I set a minimum bid or split the proceeds with the theatres on the sale of an item?
We only accept 100% donations for this event. Since we have so many items and such a tight schedule to organize all the information, we no longer allow any pre-determined minimum bids or splits.

What other restrictions are put in place for participating in the Paramount Gala Auction?
Gift Certificates donated to the 2021 Gala must be valid for at least 12 months from event. No discounts or promotions for buy one/get one can be accepted.