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Access to the Arts

Access to the Arts

Access to the Arts

To ensure that all kids and teens have access to high quality performing arts, we offer complimentary tickets to our performances and films to nonprofit partner agencies that serve Central Texas youth.

In addition, we help to arrange special events that bring young people closer to our artists with private meet and greets, master classes, opportunities to observe sound checks, Q&As with performers, and more!

Any nonprofit organization with a mission to serve Central Texas youth is eligible to participate.


How to Apply

Complete the online application or contact Gale Valley, Education Associate, at or 512-692-0526.


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Pictured Above:
Meet & greets with Jane Lynch and Dr. Temple Grandin, Q&A with Jazz at Lincoln Center

The Legacy of Skinny Pryor

Access to the Arts is inspired by the legacy of Skinny Pryor.

Many years ago, a gentleman named Skinny Pryor owned the Grand Central Theatre on Austin’s Congress Avenue. He had a soft spot in his heart for all children, but took a special shine to the kids who hung around outside his theatre hoping to get in but unable to afford a ticket.

Skinny found a creative solution to this problem. Believing in the importance of a work ethic, he gave each child who requested admission to his theatre a simple task: “I’m really thirsty, so if you will go up the street and get me a glass of water, I’ll let you in to see the show.” And so they did. Kid after kid galloped down the street to the drugstore and asked for a glass of water, which they proudly displayed to Skinny as their ticket for admission.

Over the years, hundreds of kids experienced Skinny’s theatre for just a smile and a glass of water. Sometimes he would even feature “Freckle-Faced Kids’ Matinees.” Kids with at least five freckles would get in free. Skinny was said to have painted many a freckle on freckleless faces!


Skinny Pryor