Building Hope Digital Field Trip : Paramount Theatre Austin

Building Hope Digital Field Trip

We’re bringing back Building Hope for the eighth year in a row, its second as a digital field trip experience. Building Hope is a documentary from the Nobelity Project that chronicles the construction of Mahiga Hope High, the first high school for a remote African community, and the connection between a thousand people in the U.S. and an African community working to create a better future for their children. To accompany the documentary, students will have access to a Q&A conversation between Austin middle schoolers and students in Kenya. Participants will experience global bridge-building as we explore the importance of education for all.

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Available asynchronously October 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023
Documentary run time: 38 minutes


Discovery Guide

A study guide filled with educational and interactive activities connected to the documentary
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Paramount Theatre Digital Tour

Experience the Paramount like never before, getting up close to the ornate proscenium, going backstage, and into the film booth.
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The Nobelity Project