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Amplify Austin 2023


Paramount Staff Recommends Our Favorite Nonprofits

Since 2021, the Paramount staff has nominated Austin area nonprofits for special recognition during Amplify Austin Day. This year, staff picked 18 organizations to TAKE CENTER STAGE on our marquee, socials, and emails for the citywide 24-hour day of giving. Learn more about our 2023 spotlights and the important work they provide to Central Texas. Amplify Austin is March 1-2 and you can schedule an early bird donation today! See the 2022 List.

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Austin Artists Project

“I have been in observation of Austin Artists Project since it was created in 2019. As I transition from a lifelong career as a disability specialist at The University of Texas and having found great passion and joy working with the Paramount Theatre, I believe I have identified the organization with which I wish to utilize my disability background and continue engagement with the Arts! It was important to me to find an organization that was truly meeting their mission, through action, response, and accurate display of their work. I am eager to join them as they add artists with disabilities as part of their ongoing expansion of programming. It is rumored that they will eventually be American Artists Project, so the timeliness of an economic boast could not be better.”

–Pam Buchanan, House Manager

Austin Child Guidance Center
“ACGC is providing bilingual services such as individual/family/groups therapy, psychological assessments, psychiatric services, workshops and a walk in clinic to our community. These services have a huge impact to children and their families well being and help set a foundation for healthy development. I support this organization for believing in empowering children and their families to thrive in childhood and beyond.”

–Abril Delgado Robbins, Education Associate

Austin Justice Coalition

“Austin Justice Coalition works tirelessly to improve and create racial and social equity in Austin and beyond. Their work focuses on reform by addressing systemic issues affecting communities of color in Austin, like gentrification, over policing, and educational opportunities. AJC is out in the community advocating and driving change, and working with other cities to help create social justice movements to improve Black lives everywhere. AJC celebrates Black excellence with programs, like Black Art Matters, showcasing artists, musicians, chefs and other vendors. Social justice is all our responsibility to make our city a more just and equitable place to live. Thank you to AJC for leading these efforts.”

–Krystal Parsons, Director of Development

Austin Free-Net

“The internet and daily use of technology is so woven into the fabric of our society that organizations like Austin Free-Net have become an integral part of bridging the digital divide in Austin to create opportunities for underserved communities to connect in ways they wouldn’t otherwise. Created in 1995, Austin Free-Net was the first organization to wire city libraries and put computers in schools and community centers around Austin.”

–Maggie Hoffman, Director of Live Events

Avow Texas

“Avow Texas is working to protect the rights of all Texans. They fight for bodily autonomy, health care, and freedom for all. They fight the abolition of abortion in Texas through the dismantling of the patriarchy and white supremacy.”

–Tess Todora, Director of Ticketing and Patron Services

Blue Dog Rescue

“Blue Dog takes in dogs that don’t have a chance at a shelter. Whether that’s behavioral or complex medical problems or advanced age, they will take any dog, no matter the circumstances, giving them a greater chance at a better life and being adopted. So many people overlook older or medically complex dogs when looking to adopt, and they’re just as deserving for a loving home as a puppy.”

–Lilly Sheridan, Events Manager

Candlelight Ranch

“This amazing organization provides creative and nature-based opportunities to learn, explore and heal in a beautiful outdoor setting on Lake Travis. I began volunteering at the ranch in 2018 and became a facilitator of the zip lines which criss-cross above the ranch canyons. Every single time I am able to volunteer, my soul is filled with joy watching others step out of their comfort zone and try adventures, many for the first time.”

–Cathy McDonald, General Manager of Operations

College Houses

“College Houses works to provide affordable housing in Austin for more nearly six decades. Their incredible work has allowed thousands of students to live affordably while studying since they opened their doors in the 60s through a cooperative model. With 7 homes in Central Austin, they house over 500 students a semester, and many include meals, plus other living expenses like utilities. As Austin continues to struggle with affordability, I am grateful to organizations like College Houses who prioritize this as the most critical issue on a daily basis.”

–Krystal Parsons, Director of Development

Free Lunch

“Free lunch is a group of musicians and creatives that does outreach to the homeless community in Austin through food. They prepare and serve food to camp Esperanza as well as providing the camp with community and kindness. They also stock and amplify the ATX free refrigerators here in town.”

–Katy McCain, Bar Manager

Future Front Texas

“Future Front Texas’ work is so important to me, because they focus on creating spaces, community, and celebrating women and LGBTQ+ creatives. They host markets throughout the year where you can ethically shop and support women and LGBTQ+ makers and business owners. It’s difficult to run a small business in Austin these days, and I appreciate the care and resources Future Front Texas provides to creatives to have a chance to bring this iconic aspect of Austin back to the city.”

–Krystal Parsons, Director of Development

Healing with Horses

“I am a new volunteer with Healing with Horses Ranch and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their mission. Healing with Horses Ranch creates mutually beneficial opportunities for people and equines to partner for the purpose of contributing positively to cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being. The impact they have on their clients and those benefiting from the horse-human bond is an amazing experience to witness. Healing with Horses Ranch brings incredible care and support to people with disabilities, veterans, and at-risk youth. I love my time spent on the ranch and believe whole-heartedly in their mission and all the impactful work they do in our community.”

–Laura Hinken, Major Gifts Manager

Imagine Art

“As an artist I believe that everyone has a gift to create art and express themselves in their own way and Imagine Art is truly a one of a kind space to develop an artistic practice.

Imagine Art supports artist with disabilities by empowering with tools to advance their artistic practice as well as providing peer support, long term care, affordable housing and food security. Artists without disabilities are also welcomed which creates a diverse creative community that demonstrates the power of a creative place for transformation and change.”

–Abril Delgado Robbins, Education Associate


“I love that this organization is centered on helping young women find their voice, learn to express themselves, and develop skills through media WHILE learning about their culture. I love to see women supporting women! Plus, as Austin continues to grow as a tech hub, it is amazing to see a resource that helps women grow in a field that is dominated by men.”

–Tori Schulze, Social Media Coordinator

Lilith Fund

“This organization is incredibly important following the Supreme Court’s decision last year to overturn Roe v. Wade and Texas’ previous overturning of abortion rights laws. As a young person, organizations such as these offer valuable resources for women’s healthcare outside abortion services. The Lilith Fund also helps fund many of the women’s clinics in Central and Southeast Texas for non-abortion health services.”

–Kit Taylor, Patron Services Operations Manager

Love A Bull

“Bully breeds have a bad reputation and this organization does everything in their power to help remove those negative perceptions. I applaud Love-A-Bull’s efforts and with more exposure, these bully breeds have a chance at a healthy, happy life instead of residing in a shelter or even worse, completely unnecessary euthanaisa. I’ve supported and volunteered with this organization for many years now and would love to see them get more canines adopted into loving families households.”

–Marie Vargas, Senior Production Manager

The Rise School of Austin

“This school introduced me to the world of early childhood education and inclusive learning. Kiddos who experience developmental delays make up 50% of each classroom. The students range from ages 12 months to 5 years and are in a 4:1 ratio classroom setting. Every student receives speech, occupational, physical, and music therapy every week!

Their mission of inclusion is inspiring, fun, and infectious. You can’t help but fall in love with each student and each teacher. And when I say these ARE THE BEST TEACHERS, I say it with my whole heart. Their dedication to the students is the definition of “Above and Beyond” and the inclusive classrooms that they curate make me want to go back to preschool! I love The Rise School’s mission and family; I am forever an advocate and ally to their going community.”

–Lou Thompson, Facilities Manager


“TORCH is an arts organization dedicated to promoting and publishing Black women writers. Their work to provide space for Black women to create, share, connect, be heard, seen and supported is remarkable. Through writing workshops, retreats, readings in local bookstores and special events Black women at all stages in their writing careers are coming together to learn, inspire and shine. TORCH is empowering and for me as a writer, it is most meaningful for us to have our vision, stories, experiences shared and celebrated.”

–Erin Waelder, Associate Director of Donor Communications

Transgender Education Network of Texas

“Trans rights are under attack across the U.S. and especially in Texas. But it’s simple: trans rights are human rights. As the largest trans-led, BIPOC-led (from board to staff) policy organization dedicated to furthering gender-diverse equity in Texas, there is no better time than now to AMPLIFY their work of educating, advocating, and empowering community members.”

–Nick Barbieri, Chief Marketing Officer