The Paramount Theatre

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SXSW Film Festival 2017


SXSWedu Films

Monday, March 7

7:00pm Hidden Figures

Tuesday, March 8

7:00pm Newtown

Wednesday, March 9

7:00pm Tower

Advanced Tickets

A limited number of advance single tickets are available for select screenings for $16.  Advance ticket sales will end at midnight the day before each screening.  Advance ticket purchases do not guarantee reserved seating or entry to the theatre.  Advance ticket holders are advised to arrive to the theatre at least 30 minutes prior to the screening time. In the unlikely event that a screening reaches capacity before an advance ticket purchaser can be admitted to the theatre, the purchase price will be refunded at the Paramount Box Office (refund valid only within 20 minutes of screening start time).

All Films

Friday, March 10

6:30pm Song to Song
10:00pm Alien
5:30pm Barbecue
9:30pm Fits and Starts
11:55pm Two Pigeons

Saturday, March 11

11:45am This Is Your Death
3:00pm Small Town Crime
6:00pm Win It All
9:00pm Baby Driver

Sunday, March 12

Monday, March 13

11:00am Chasing Coral
2:15pm Patti Cake$
6:00pm Hot Summer Nights
9:30pm FREE FIRE
11:30am Like Me
1:45pm Dara Ju
4:15pm MFA
6:45pm Signature Move
9:15pm The Relationship
11:45pm Game of Death

Tuesday, March 14

Wednesday, March 15

11:00am Bill Nye: Science Guy
1:45pm Lane 1974
4:15pm Patti Cake$
7:15pm G-Funk
9:30pm Pornocracy

Thursday, March 16

Friday, March 17

11:15am Spettacolo
1:45pm Becoming Bond
4:30pm Infinity Baby
7:00pm Game of Death

Saturday, March 18

11:00am Grand Jury Award: Documentary Feature
2:00pm Barbecue
5:00pm Doug Loves Movies Podcast
7:30pm Audience Award: Documentary Spotlight

Paramount Theatre