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STEM through the Arts 

STEM through the Arts

STEM through the Arts uses arts-based instruction to teach fourth graders core science and math content.  In this eight-session, in-school residency, teaching artists conduct activities in drama, dance, music, and the visual arts to generate excitement about science and math and improve subject retention. Alongside the core curriculum, students learn performing arts skills that allow them to express themselves clearly and become stronger collaborators. Each residency is tailored to accommodate the classroom teacher’s goals.


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Example Lessons Include:

Phases of the Moon
Students begin this residency by drawing visual representations of each phase of the moon. Once they’ve completed their chalk drawing, they get on their feet and use tableau or frozen images to tell the story of the moon cycle with their bodies. This lesson not only teaches the phases of the moon, but introduces students to a a new drawing medium before they develop characters and assume roles in short improvised scenes. Students then perform those scenes for their classmates.

Water Cycle
In this residency students meet Mr. Drop, a teaching artist in role. He is one of the oldest raindrops in the world and he sings his way through the water cycle. He teaches students about concentration, evaporation, precipitation, and collection through song. By the end of this residency students understand that Mr. Drop and other precipitation like him are forever part of this cycle, plus they learn about rhythm and melodic phrasing.

Students are thrust into role as expert scientists from NASA. They must discover all the different types of energy before the sun is forced our of our solar system forever! The sun, which is a puppet manipulated by a teaching artist, encourages students to learn about chemical, solar, thermal, electrical, sound and light energy though body movement. Through-out the residency students demonstrate basic kinesthetic and spatial awareness individually and in groups.