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The State Theatre School Of Acting

Babs George
Babs George
Director | Email

Brittany Flurry
Brittany Flurry
Administrative Assistant

The State Theatre School of Acting is a professional training facility affiliated with Austin Community College and the Austin Theatre Alliance, an umbrella organization for the Paramount and State Theatres. The Director of the school is Babs George, a professional stage/film actress and a recipient of a MFA in Classical Acting from The Shakespeare Theatre’s Academy for Classical Acting at The George Washington University. The State Theatre School of Acting opened in 1993; Ms. George has been at its helm since its inception.

Located in downtown Austin, our acting studios are situated on the third floor of the State Theatre building, above the professional stage. The studios resemble black box theater spaces in that they each have a playing space, elevated audience seating and theatrical lighting.  Also provided are cameras, film lighting and monitors for playback.

The State Theatre School of Acting offers a program for the actor and non-actor alike. Our mission is twofold. First, we aim to prepare students interested in a professional acting career by providing a well-rounded education as well as guidance about the business. Second, we aim to serve those who are simply curious by creating a safe environment in which to have fun, to "play," and to grow.

Our approach to acting technique is comprehensive. Our classes range from beginning through advanced. In addition, we offer specialized classes such as voice/speech training, improvisation, Shakespeare and audition techniques both for film and stage. Our instructors are working professionals, some of whom have acquired advanced degrees in their respective fields.

Why learn acting technique? Technique frees the actor to communicate effectively and creatively through the use of his/her instrument: the intellect, emotions, body and voice. As instructors, we aim to help the student fully develop his/her instrument in order that he/she may fully realize and express the character whom he/she is presenting.

Lastly, theatre and film work are communal activities. We aim to help the student actor become a highly creative individual who is not only a strong performer, but also a generous collaborator.

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