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Spotlight on Education & Family at the Paramount - You Can Help Us Do More

The big names that frequent our star-studded stages often take the spotlight here at the Paramount, but I'd like to use this opportunity to introduce you to our world of Education, Outreach, and Family at the theatres—aka The Paramount Academy for the Arts.

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Spolight on Education at the Paramount

The image above, coupled with quotes from your fellow Austinites who benefit from or contribute to these education and outreach programs, help illustrate the many ways we engage children throughout Central Texas and ultimately help cultivate lifelong creative thinkers and appreciators of the arts.

“We received free tickets for The True Story of the Three Little Pigs last Sunday and my son had an 'aha!' moment that day. I could never pay enough for what you did for our son with Autism.” - Fatima, TX Parent to Parent Member. They are one of thousands who receive complimentary tickets through the Access to the Arts Program each year.

Students with access to arts-rich learning opportunities experience higher levels of motivation, school attendance, confidence, empathy, academic achievement, college attainment, and so much more; I am proud to say that our goals fall in line with those of the city's Any Given Child movement.

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 "Seeing students up on their feet and exploring cross-curricular content in a kinesthetic way is extremely exciting. When we walk into a classroom, students are instantly cheering." - Stacey Volland, Education & Outreach Associate on the Literacy to Life Program that encourages in-classroom creative writing and performance.

Please consider making a donation of $10 or more today to ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience live theatre through the Paramount Academy for the Arts.

Also, when you donate $50 or more, you will be invited as our guest to see our Literacy to Life program in action at the Story Wranglers show on December 19th. This show is a highly entertaining performance of our local 3rd graders' imaginative writings adapted for live performance with professional actors by the Literacy to Life Residency Program.

Donate today to help encourage, expand, and celebrate the power of our arts education in Austin!

Thank you,

Jim Ritts, Executive Director

Paramount Academy for the Arts Programs

Literacy to Life: Currently in 6 public schools and 19 classrooms (11 of which are Title 1 classrooms). We come to the classroom for a 7-week residency and utilize drama techniques to motivate and improve students’ writing and creativity, culminating in a professional performance of their written work. This year, 400 students participate directly in the in-classroom residency and over 2,000 students will watch the final performances of their peers’ writing.

Student Matinees: We bring 16,000 students to the Paramount & Stateside Theatres through free or reduced priced tickets for live, book-based shows. Each student leaves with a study guide tied to the show and their curriculum. Last year, 53 percent of students attending Student Matinees (400 classrooms and approximately 8,000 students) participated in pre-performance, in-classroom workshops that prepared students to come to the theatre while connecting the show to the TEKS. Of students at those performances, 65 percent came from Title I schools.

Teaching the TEKS through Theatre (T5): We activate student learning by using drama to teach math, science, social studies, language arts and more will be in 18 classrooms, reaching around 400 students this year. T5 is an arts integration program where students and teachers receive multiple classroom visits throughout the semester by our professional teaching artists.

Access to the Arts: We serve over 1,000 children each year from over  40 non-profit partner agencies like Austin Children’s Sherlter, Big Brother & Big Sisters, Wonders & Worries and more by providing free tickets to shows at our Theatres. Children attending Play-Time series shows are invited to participate in pre-show crafts and are given a study guide to add to their experience. We also work to get them access to sound checks and artist meet and greets whenever possible. We want the arts and artists to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their income or background.

Summer Theatre Camps: We welcome around 300 children for our Summer Theatre Camps and provide need-based scholarships to children ages pre-k to 12th grade. During the 2012 summer, we underwrote $10,000 in camp tuition so that children from disadvantaged backgrounds could attend and learn. Camp classes culminate in performances on the historic Paramount and Stateside stages.

Youth Theatre Company: Each summer we partner with the City of Austin and hire 24 high school students who--over five weeks of classes and outings--develop, write, and produce an original show that they then perform on the Paramount stage.  We welcome hundreds of community members to attend and enjoy the creativity of our city's young adults. We also take the students and tour their production to the Austin-area organizations who serve residents with special needs. Last summer, we went to the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH) and the Settlement Home for children.

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