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roboARTS, a unique residency program for 7th graders at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. It brings together students who are interested in building and programming robots with students who are passionate about creative writing, music and performance. Our instruction is designed to illuminate the parallels between the creative writing and the engineering design processes, with the goal of ultimately enhancing students’ perception and mastery of both. roboARTS is facilitated by a professional Teaching Artist from the Paramount Theatre and a Engineering Mentors from Science in a Suitcase. This 12-week program will culminate with a final performance on campus. Robots and students will perform side by side, presenting original scripts, songs, and scenes created and written by the students during the residencies. Students also design, build, program, and costume the robots in preparation for the production.

Goals of roboARTS

  • To leave students with the understanding of the similarities between the engineering and creative writing/songwriting design processes
  • To utilize STEM and Fine Arts curriculum to build skills in critical thinking, problem solving, creativity,
    collaboration, and teamwork in an effort to generate a strong sense of self-efficacy and confidence, which
    will translate to all aspects of their life.
  • To create a strong understanding and functional knowledge of the theatre, creative writing and songwriting
    processes while leveraging the open world of robotics
  • To foster the creative energy in our students through self-driven learning that allows them to access these
    items from their personal and artistic toolboxes
  • To make STEM and Fine Arts topics/activities more marketable and accessible to all children regardless of experience, access, background, gender, or race.

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