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Judah Friedlander returns to Moontower!

Stand-up comedy has been Judah’s passion since 1989. For the past several years & currently, Judah’s stand-up act in a uniquely rollicking way bursting with rebellious & subversive energy satirizes American exceptionalism as well as U.S. domestic and foreign policy with hilarious but profound bits on racism, sexism, climate change, and health care. The World Champion is a champion of the world – a human who stands up for the rights of the earth and every living organism on it . If America does the right thing, Judah will be the next President of the United States.

His on stage persona of The World Champion has taken on different shades over the years as his act continues to grow. Years ago, it was initially a satire on narcissism. Then the persona morphed into being a real life superhero who subliminally gets audiences to question why we have heroes. Judah is known for being one of the funniest & most creative comedians who writes brilliant jokes, has a unique delivery style, and comes up with a lot of material on the spot as he works the crowd. Within the next few months he will be releasing a stand-up album and stand-up documentary film called “America Is the Greatest Country in the United States”. Judah has released some clips from these upcoming projects where he satirizes Columbus Day, gun control, parental leave, mass incarceration, and the presidential election.

Some of these clips have gone viral gaining millions of views on socially active sites like Upworthy and Fusion. In May 2017, Judah can be seen starring in a new unscripted web series from The Onion called Judah Versus the Machines. Also in May, Judah can also be seen as a recurring character in 2 episodes of the Netflix series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Judah has authored two books: How To Beat Up Anybody & If the Raindrops United, a book of cartoons & drawings.

Judah has acted in over 30 feature films & made hundreds of TV appearances. Judah won a SAG Award for his acting on 30 Rock. Judah was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Independent Spirit Awards for his acting in American Splendor. Judah does stand-up comedy nightly in NYC, and throughout the USA and the world.

Check out his standup movie America Is the Greatest Country in the United States on Netflix, then see him perform all new material at Moontower!

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