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DANIEL WEBB’s stand-up has been described as energetic, electric, a “non-stop, adrenalized train,” and a “splendid rush of charisma.” Known for a fast-paced wide-ranging set, Daniel famously garnered international attention cracking gay jokes with President Barack Obama, was named in LA Comedy Bureau’s 100 Best Things In Comedy 2016, and was a FINALIST on STAND UP NBC 2016! 
Daniel has appeared atThe Oddball Comedy Festival (2016), Moontower Comedy and Oddity Fest (2014-2016), HOT TUB! (LOS ANGELES), Hell Yes Fest(NEW ORLEANS), Punchline Comedy (SEATTLE), Jester’s Jester (LONDON), Orlando Indie Comedy Fest(ORLANDO), SOUND on SOUND, FunFunFun FEST, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, OUTsider Festival, was a FINALIST in the Funniest Person In Austin competition (2016), and two-time semi-finalist (2014/2015). 
In addition to opening forEmo Philips, BRUCE BRUCE, Dana Gould, Sarah Colonna, The Sklar Brothers, Rachel Feinstein, Ron Funches, and Chris Kattan, Daniel has also appeared in MORTIFIED!, Lizz Winstead’s V To Shining V, QUEERBOMB, BEDPOST CONFESSIONS, hosted CAMP MARY! at Cap City Comedy Club,​ and performs regularly at Greetings From Queer Mountain at Cheer Up Charlie’s.

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