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Christine Schiefer

Christine became a writer/producer at the ripe age of six, creating (and starring in) such timeless classics as Tourists in a Time Warp, The Super People Visit Asia Minor, and, of course, the infamous Kentucky Derby in Ohio. Although her family supported (read: tolerated) her incessant movie-making, Little Christine had no idea that writing could be anything more than a creative pastime. That all changed when Christine moved to LA in 2015, where she got her foot in the door as an office P.A. on a variety of shows and networks, and also spotted John Legend one time. She worked as a dog walker, Lyft driver, and even a private investigator before blindly diving headfirst into the podcast world and startingAnd That’s Why We Drink.Christine has always had a fascination with ghosts and crime, so making this podcast with Em is her proudest accomplishment in life (besides that time she was in a Girl Scouts commercial). Christine moonlights as a TV writer, currently working at Nickelodeon, home of her soulmate, Squidward Tentacles. When she’s not writing or podcasting, Christine can typically be found wandering the cereal aisle of the grocery store, talking to her dog, or injuring herself in a beginner yoga class.As far as her passions go, she is equally fond of budget wine and the stories that make her drink it.