The Paramount Theatre

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Enjoy the finer things that Moontower has to offer while having your run of the festival as a VIP. Enjoy the top Headliners and Special Events from the very best seats at the Paramount and Stateside Theatres and skip the lines with first entry to the hottest club acts and podcasts. Not sure where to start or who to see? Check in with your personal Comedy Concierge for the inside track to get the most out of your festival experience. This badge comes fully loaded with perks, including access to a reserved VIP section in the Festival Lounge, entry into the Ping Pong Slapdown, an enhanced swag bag, and drink tickets that are valid at all Moontower venues.


Want to have your cake and eat it, too? So do we, which is why we came up with The Specialist. With the flexibility and convenience you crave, this badge allows you to build your own full festival experience. Want terrific reserved seats? We’ve got you covered. Select up to three of your favorite Headliners from the Paramount and Stateside lineups for guaranteed great seats. Want to see the hottest club acts and podcasts? You got it! You’ll have line access at all of our club venues. Want swag and drink tickets? Oh, who are we kidding – of course you do, which is why we’ll have both ready and waiting for you at badge pick up. For the cherry on top, you will also have line access to our Special Events, My Favorite Murder and Midnight Mayhem with Ralphie May, as well as the Ping Pong Slapdown.


As the name suggests, this badge is not for the weak! Do you want to see all of your favorite headliners on the Paramount stage? Are you willing to work a little in exchange for this ridiculously low price? If you answered yes to both, then you are a true Moontower Warrior. This limited issue badge guarantees seats in the balcony for all Moontower Headliners at the Paramount Theatre. All you have to do is line up prior to each performance to secure your seat. Once you’ve seen your favorite Headliners, feel free to bounce around and check out the rest of the fest, as this badge includes line access to the hottest club shows, podcasts, and Moontower Special Events, like My Favorite Murder, Midnight Mayhem with Ralphie May, and Ping Pong Slapdown. These limited issue badges will go quickly, so be sure to snag yours before it’s gone!


With the hottest club acts and most buzzworthy podcasts in the country at Moontower, you can see them all with the Club/Podcast badge. Bounce from club to club to catch the most talked about shows of the festival, star-studded lineups, and your favorite podcasts (often with surprise guests!) in intimate club settings, all within walking distance, in downtown Austin. As an added bonus, you’ll receive line access to the two Moontower Special Events – the hit podcast, My Favorite Murder and Midnight Mayhem with Ralphie May at the Paramount, as well as the Ping Pong Slapdown. With so much to see, your festival schedule will be full in no time! Please note that there is no Club/Podcast badge line at the Paramount or Stateside Theatres for any Moontower Headliner shows.

Paramount Theatre