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Paramount Film Institute

Paramount Film InstituteThe Paramount Film Institute is the division of the Paramount and Stateside Theatres that works to support the art, craft, and preservation of film as an art form. From extensive repertory screening series, always on film when possible at the Paramount, to new digital restorations at Stateside, we work to make all film come alive and speak to our audience. From guest presenters to study guides for kids, the Paramount Film Institute aims to be an engaging, educational, and fun resource for all of Austin’s film buffs.

Summer Classic Film Series

The 2016 Summer Classic Film Series begins May 26th with Casablanca. View and download the full schedule now!

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Family Film Festival

This series consists of 11 weekend matinees that will support film education and bring our treasured cimenatic history to audiences of all ages.

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Film Fan Membership

Benefits abound year-round when you're a Film Fan! Parking, popcorn, discounts, and more. Plus, help save 35mm screenings!

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Digital Cinema Campaign

For the theatre to have complete access to the rich and varied library of classic movies, we need to add digital cinema capabilities to our repertoire.

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Parking Partner

Thank you to our parking partner, One American Center, for their continued support of the Paramount and Stateside Theatres.

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