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Literacy to Life


The Paramount Academy for the Arts’ Literacy to Life program is in the business of bringing stories to life. Aptly-named group, The Paramount Story Wranglers, supports students of all ages and backgrounds create inventive and hilarious stories with stimulating experiences in the arts. In this series presented with promotional support from the Austin American-Statesman, we give you an in-depth and interactive look at the products of young, arts-enriched minds. Check back each week for a new, featured story also published in the Sunday edition newspaper.

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Week 1: Stinky Fish Man Marries Catwoman

By: Four 3rd graders at Allison Elementary

Once upon a time there was a stinky fish man who liked to pick roses and hang out on a fisherman’s dock that smelled like tuna! He was really kind and grabbed flowers to save for catwoman. He wanted to marry catwoman because he loved cats and how fluffy they were, even though they attacked him. But he was afraid catwoman would gobble him up because he was part fish and he was the biggest fish! Then he dressed up as Justin Bieber in a disguise so catwoman wouldn’t eat him and they could get married. And ever since that day he was known as Justin Bieber, he married catwoman, gave her the roses, and they lived happily ever after.

“The Story Wranglers taught me to go for my dreams” – Zoriah, St. Elmo Elementary

Week 2: Benjamin Franklin and the Lost Gold

By: Four 3rd graders at Hart Elementary

Once upon a time, Benjamin Franklin was on the Titanic to explore Africa. He wanted silver and gold because he wanted to be rich and popular. But the lightning has it all because everything it touches turns to gold and the lightning won’t share. Then he flies a kite with a key on it and when the lightning strikes it, all the rain turns to gold. And ever since that day, he was rich with 1000 gold coins and he bought a mansion. The End.

“This is why we have community arts providers in our schools.” – Principal of participating school

Week 3: The Taco Pony Builds

By: Six 3rd graders at Hart Elementary

Once upon a time there was Taco Pony who was shaped like a taco and also sold tacos in Vegas. She had Billions from selling tacos, so she wanted to buy new toys and a new castle from the secret toy room behind the Bellagio Fountain. But, when she went to the secret room it had disappeared. The room had exploded. Then, she tried so hard to find the pieces and build it back together again, but she failed. Then a magic man who can fix everything built it back together for her. Ever since that day she had a toy and a taco castle and she was excited. The End.

“I can’t thank you enough for the experience you gave me and my students!”
– Ms. Hallbaur, Hart Elementary

Week 4: How A Lizard Got Its Tail

By: Six 3rd graders at Norman Elementary

Once upon a time, Lizzo the lizard was speed walking on Lizard Lane. He wanted a tail because he looked it up online and thought it looked beautiful and would make him look like his favorite animal- a cheetah. But he has to change his color to blue like sky and water because only blue things can grow tails. Then he touched the computer screen and turned that color because he has the ability to change color when he touches things. And ever since that day, he was blue and grew a tail. The End.

“Thank you for making stories with me. I learned a lot of new ideas from you.”
– Alan, Reilly Elementary

About the Program:


Literacy to Life is a school-based literacy program for third graders that uses the theatre to transform students’ understanding and approach to writing. Our professional teaching artists, the Paramount Story Wranglers, use creative writing, improvisation, and role-playing activities to improve students’ writing skills, all while developing their confidence, creativity, and storytelling abilities.  For seven weeks, students write individual and group stories using the Literacy to Life curriculum. Then, the Paramount Story Wranglers collect student stories, adapting them into a full-length sketch production that they perform for the entire school.

Let’s make this happen for more students. Support Youth Outreach today.



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