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Casablanca: 75 Years Strong

May 22, 2017 11:53 am Published by

Had CASABLANCA been made today, it might have ended very differently. (Spoiler alert for those who have somehow never seen CASABLANCA.)

Under the strict regulations of film censorship circa 1942, a proper divorce was the only way a married man or woman could wind up with someone other than their spouse as the closing credits rolled. This posed a problem for CASABLANCA‘s Rick (Humphrey Bogart) and Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), who are stranded in war-torn Europe and engulfed in a love triangle involving Ilsa’s husband (Paul Henreid). No matter how smoldering their gazes toward each other might be, Rick and Ilsa’s destinies were already sealed by the morals of the 1940s. But they’ll always have Paris.

As it turned out, that unavoidable climax also happened to be the perfect way to end a perfect movie, with Rick and Ilsa taking their place in the pantheon of iconic doomed lovers. That same approach has elevated many beloved stories over time, and we are celebrating a few of them this weekend. The other three movies in this section, TITANIC, BONNIE AND CLYDE, and BADLANDS, are all based on true stories with tragic endings. We watch them knowing how they will end, and yet, we cannot look away from romances that burn this brightly. 

With CASABLANCA celebrating its 75th anniversary, BONNIE AND CLYDE its 50th, and TITANIC its 20th (yes really), this is a perfect time to experience these thrilling love affairs on the big screen in our gorgeous theatre. See you at the movies!

Stephen Jannise, Film Programmer

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