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FILM: 2016 Summer Classic Film Series Kick-Off

May 23, 2016 4:18 pm Published by


If you’ve noticed the temperature levels rising and traffic levels falling (ever so slightly), you know that means only one thing: summer has arrived, along with the annual cinematic bounty that is the Paramount Summer Classic Film Series!

As you may have heard, we began a campaign earlier this year to bring the Paramount up to date – technologically speaking – and we are thrilled to announce that this project will result in a sparkling new movie-going experience at the Paramount Theatre beginning on Opening Night, Thursday May 26th. What does that mean for cinephiles? It means that we will unveil a brand-new screen and sound system at the 7pm screening of Casablanca on glorious, 35mm film. You’ll experience this timeless story of star-crossed lovers with a brighter image and clearer sound than ever before, and we know you’ll be blown away by the difference.

Film Fans are encouraged to attend an Opening Night Film Fan Party at 6pm where members will enjoy complimentary beer/wine/popcorn and free admission to the double feature that evening. That gives us a full hour to talk about the movies and what you’re looking forward to seeing this summer. Not a member yet? Join today! As added Film Fan benefits, we’ll be sending dedicated emails every other week to fill you in on the latest news about the Summer Classic Film Series, while “Film Fan Wednesdays” will provide members with an extra $1 discount on tickets for that night’s film or double feature.

Then we’ll introduce our new digital projection equipment with a 75th anniversary showing of The Maltese Falcon at 9pm, where you’ll be able to see just how amazing digital cinema in the Paramount will be and how stunning these movies will look on our big screen.

The “beginning of a beautiful friendship” between 35mm/70mm film and digital cinema at the Paramount will serve as the theme for the first two weeks of the summer, as we pair one classic on film with another classic on digital every day. We hope you’ll see just how screening films on actual film is still just as important to us (and will be for years and years to come) and how necessary digital cinema is to our historic theatre, allowing us to bring brand-new restorations (like the gorgeous digital restoration of The Third Man showing with the 75th anniversary of Citizen Kane on 35mm) along with films that haven’t been seen on the Paramount screen in some time (such as the crystal-clear 2012 digital restoration of Cabaret, paired with everyone’s favorite, The Thin Man on 35mm).

I hope to see you at Opening Night this Thursday May 26th at 6pm – find me and say hello!


All the best,
Stephen Jannise
Paramount Film Programmer

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