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Showgoers Raise $1500 for Austin Humane Society

October 27, 2015 5:52 pm Published by
When we heard the news that the Austin Humane Society had transferred 90+ animals at the request of the Bastrop County Animal Control & Center in order to make room for four-legged Bastrop County fire evacuees, we wanted to help. We notified our patrons who were coming to the Jesse Cook performance on October 16th and informed them that we would be taking a collection before, during and after the show. We turned our Paramount lobby donation box into an Austin Humane Society relief collection for the night. We also armed volunteer ushers with red firefighter hats for the donations. However, our Executive Director’s rescue pup, Guffy, taking the stage during the pre-show announcement truly sealed the deal. Showgoers raised $1500 altogether, that will go on to provide safe shelter, medical care and all the necessities for the influx of animals. Upon hearing of the donation, Angela Osborn, Director of Development & Marketing at Austin Humane Society expressed her gratitude on behalf of AHS:

This is absolutely amazing! I am in tears watching this video and experiencing this amazing generosity. This is truly unexpected and so appreciated. This gift will truly make a difference in all the lives of these sweet babies.

As a non-profit ourselves, we whole heartedly understand that in urgent efforts like this, donations are of the essence. We thank our Jesse Cook patrons for their generosity. Click here to learn more about the fires and how you can help.

Pictured below is Angela Osborn (AHS), Cathy McDonald (Paramount), and Spud, an 8-year old terrier mix looking for a loving home and will be available for adoption at the AHS later this week.



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